How Effective is Your LinkedIn Content Marketing?

Content Marketing LinkedIn

We all know that content is king. The mission for brands is now to create the most effective content marketing strategy they can. The market has responded to this need and there are a variety of new resources and tools pouring in to help. LinkedIn is one of the latest players to enter the arena, […]

Why Kallpod’s Communication Technology Works


In past posts, we’ve highlighted ways to improve content marketing effectiveness, operational efficiency and profits by means of numerous online and social collaboration tools. Today, we take a look at how to improve those same target areas by restructuring hardware and technology. As most restaurant managers know, maintaining operational efficiency can be difficult in a service […]

Does Social Media Marketing Work for Everyone?

does social media marketing work

Out of 18, 525 U.S. adults in  a Gallup poll, 11, 485 said social media has no influence on their purchasing habits whatsoever. That’s 62% of Americans stating that social media, a hot ticket in the marketing world, doesn’t affect buying behavior. How can this be true, when companies invested $5.1 billion dollars in social […]

Making the Most of Content Marketing Resources

content marketing resources

2014 is expected to continue to be an important year for content marketing. Budgets and content production are increasing, strategies are becoming more targeted and effective and quality continues is a top concern. Smart content marketers know one of the most important components of a strong marketing strategy is keeping up with the times. But this […]

What is the Nimble Contact Widget?

nimble contact widget

If you haven’t heard of Nimble, the customer relationship management (CRM) system for small businesses, you need to. Recently, the company launched a Nimble contact widget for Google Chrome, Hootsuite, Safari and Firefox. This widget, named the Nimble Smart Contacts Widget, transforms a simple CRM into an ever-present program to develop your relationships further. Interested […]