This Week in Restaurant Technologies #017: Mobile Payments and Localized Social Media

point of personalized service system

In this week’s show, Brandon and I go deeper into some of Amazon’s plans for a mobile wallet Starbucks’s bigger plans for their mobile payment app. We also cover some interesting stats and testimonials from chain restaurant executives who are willing to bet their jobs on localizing social media, while keeping the operations of those […]

Unlock the Secrets to Producing Effective YouTube Content

Effective YouTube Content

Last month, YouTube surpassed Facebook in terms of unique visitors – making it the largest social media site out there. Most brands have caught on to the importance of producing effective YouTube content as part of their marketing mix, but last month’s news is just one more reminder of how powerful a marketing tool it can be. […]

Facebook’s Celebrity App

facebook's celebrity app

The latest in the string of weird applications hitting the App Store from social media giant Facebook (i.e. Slingshot and Poke), is Facebook’s celebrity app Mentions, which is creating lots of buzz in the tech world. What is Facebook’s Celebrity App? Since August 2003, Mentions has been tested, although most thought it was just another attempt to […]

How Does Social Media Affect the Lonely?

Do Social Networking Sites Help or Hurt the Lonely? | NRM

What do you do when you’re bored? Watch TV? Eat? Pace to and fro? Twiddle your thumbs? All of the above? Think about it. When we’re bored, we go on social networking sites. Boredom and loneliness are not the same; however, the actions taken when these feelings manifest themselves are. What draws the lonely to […]

#046: Erle Dardick & Mike Tyler on the Documentary Back to Basics

back to basics

With just under one million restaurants in the United States, 10% of our work force is employed by the restaurant industry. Until now, no one has positively documented this massive industry we all interact with every day. In episode #046 of the Social Restaurant Podcast, I welcome Erle Dardick and Mike Tyler, the creators of […]