#025 Kelly Roddy on Building Restaurant Brands


As a marketer by trade, the power of branding has always fascinated me.  But for multi-unit restaurants, developing and stewarding a brand is a very serious business. From internal communications to marketing to the local restaurant environment, strong branding must be a corner stone of any chain’s growth and success. My guest this week has […]

#023 Michael Atkinson on Investing in Restaurants and Technology

Michael Atinkson

Perhaps you’re considering investing in the restaurant or technology businesses in 2014. If that’s you, then you already know the stakes are incredibly high. One misstep can leave you jobless and with an empty wallet. This year promises to keep restaurateurs on their toes as the intersection between restaurant operations, marketing and technology becomes a […]

#022: The Best Social Restaurant Podcast Interviews of 2013

Social Restaurant Podcast

The Social Restaurant Podcast launched with it’s inaugural episode back in March of 2013. Since that time, we’ve produced 22 episodes and had the opportunity to sit and talk with some of the best and brightest leaders in the restaurant industry. We’ve also refreshed the show’s branding to the new NR Media Group identity set and would […]

#021 Firehouse Subs CEO Don Fox on Building Successful Restaurant Franchises

Don Fox

What does it take to grow and operate a successful restaurant franchise system?  One might imagine that it’s a huge undertaking that requires quite a bit of hands on activity to get it right. This week’s guest has spent the last few years doing exactly that.  In fact, he’s so hands on, QSR Magazine gave […]

#020: Jon Ferrara on the Evolution of CRM

Nimble CRM | Jon Ferrara

How much do you know about CRM?  Have these strategies, processes and tools found their way into your organization? The restaurant business revolves around managing customer relationships.Whether it’s developing a franchise network or simply keeping tabs on the people who walk up to your counter everyday, any operator will tell you that it’s the relationship […]