#029 Matt DeBusk on Content Marketing for Franchised Restaurants

Matt Debusk 2

How important of a role does brand play when growing a franchised restaurant system?  And, what about content marketing? My guest this week believes this all works together to create a key formula that is critical to success. And in his system, he sits right in the middle of the cross-section between the two leading […]

Did the NBC Bode Miller Interview Cross the Line?

NBC Outrage Tweets | Bode Miller

Make no mistake — its emotion that sells everything. In NBC’s case, it was journalist Christin Cooper who promoted Bode Miller with questions about the tragic and untimely death of his younger brother Chelone only one year prior. Here’s the clip… My wife and I were cozy on the couch watching this race. We both love the Olympics […]

#028 Live with the Ohio Restaurant Association at NAPICS Conference


In this special edition of the show, we’re broadcasting live from the Columbus Convention Center at the Ohio Restaurant Association’s NAPICS event. This the largest trade show in North America specifically focused on the pizza and ice cream categories. This year marked the 11th year for NAPICS. With more than 4,000 attendees and 175 exhibitors, […]

#027: Kate Finley on PR and Media Relations for Restaurants

Kate Finley headshot

The media landscape has fragmented in a big way. And because of this, what used to be a clear process for creating PR ad media relations outreach campaigns has also shifted.  What is your brand to do in when the public now has so many media sources where they can find information? My guest this […]

#026: Cynthia Hess on Mixing Farm to Table and Family Business

Cynthia Hess

The “Farm to Table” movement is on just about every restaurateur’s mind in 2014. Consumers are demanding things like organic and locally grown produce, grass-fed beef and free range eggs. And yet, not many chains have figured out how to execute Farm to Table well – let alone all the other actions that support truly […]