This Week in Restaurant Technologies: Facebook’s Organic Reach Limits

This Week in Restaurant Technologies

This week, Brandon and I are back with our third episode of This Week in Restaurant Technologies. When was the last time you checked your Facebook analytics? I’m sure most of you have experienced some kind of frustration when it comes to managing a Facebook page. With the social platform’s constant updates, both from a […]

033: Michael Atkinson on Wearable Technology in Restaurants

Michael Atinkson

Do you wear Glass? Google Glass made huge waves a few years back when the Internet giant announced its development and limited release. Since that time, the focus of just about all of the big tech trade shows have been on the rising trend and excitement for wearable technology. But outside of consumer use, does […]

This Week in Restaurant Technologies: Yahoo, Yelp Reviews and Tipping in Apps

restaurant technologies video

Brandon and I had a lot of fun with our episode of This Week in Restaurant Technologies. We’ve also discovered some amazing free tools on Google+ and YouTube that will allow us to up the production quality of these videos over time. Make no mistake — this is totally an experiment. If you don’t see […]

032: Geraldine Blanchot on Patterns and Colors in Restaurant Design

geraldine blanchot

When you walk into your favorite lunch spot, do you notice what’s hanging on the wall? What about the carpet, or the upholstery in the booth where you sit to eat your lunch? My guess is, probably not – but did you know that all of those design elements absolutely have an effect on what […]

This Week in Restaurant Technologies: Google Cards and Pickle Data [VIDEO]

restaurant technologies

I love the way the internet works. About three months back, I happened run across Brandon Hull on one of the mainstay social networks I use. It’s blurry which one it actually was. An Internet marketing extraordinaire and founder of a little site called, Brandon and I hit it off right away.  Since then, […]