Facebook Ads: The Sticky Shift to Facebook Promoted Posts


Today, I’m pleased to welcome Christopher Wallace, VP of Sales & Marketing for Amsterdam Printing with an interest guest post on Facebook promoted posts and Facebook sponsored stories. Chris writes regularly for the Amsterdam Printing blog. Facebook Ads: The Sticky Shift to Facebook Promoted Posts One-hundred-and-four-billion dollars creates some serious expectations. When Facebook was valued […]

Using Tweet Adder: How To Upset Twitter Followers with Automation

Using Tweet Adder

I’ve disappointed quite a few of you social media folks over the past couple of weeks, and it was absolutely unintentional. You may have been one of my friends or Twitter followers that, when trying to send me a direct message, noticed that I was no longer following you on Twitter. I wish I could […]

5 Elements That Make Brand Evangelism Work for Companies

Personal Brands

Part of my gig at Karcher is evangelism for the agency. Not a bad gig for someone with an ENFp personality type, right? Back in 2009, Chris and Julien were one of the first folks to talk about how individuals could use internet tools and content to develop online personas that could be leveraged to promote company brands. They […]

Summer Internships: 3 Ways Colleges Students Can Get Noticed

Today’s post is a guest post Ben Wise. By day, Ben is a rich media campaign manager at Google. By night, Ben is the co-founder of SpringTern.com, a company that connects businesses with students to do short-term, volunteer work projects. You can tweet him @ben_wise. The reality is that today’s job market is fierce, particularly among students […]

Smartphone Adoption and the iPhone VS Android App Conundrum

Smart Phone Adoption

A conundrum  has been on my mind for weeks now related to smartphone adoption, and I want to get your take. An excellent trends presentation delivered by Mary Meeker at the recent D10 conference caught my eye this morning as I cruised through my daily learning and content sharing routine. Now a partner at Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins […]