How To Triple Your eBook Downloads in 4 Weeks: Part 1

Liam Gooding

It’s no big surprise that eBooks have become a huge part of the content marketing mix. You can be sure that that trend will continue to grow into 2013. Content marketers everywhere are already fueling their email marketing database through eBook downloads.   That’s why I’m delighted to be able to host a series by my […]

Blended Family Stories #1: Permission Works Both Ways

Pressure & Danger

Let’s be honest – step parenting and learning how to adapt to blended family life can be one of the toughest challenges that we face as parents and step parents. Rearing children is about teaching kids right from wrong, how to make good choices, and how to behave in a way that aligns with the […]

Facebook Status Updates: How Do I Reach More Facebook Page Fans?

I often get asked this question by folks figuring out how to use Facebook for marketing: How in the world can I make sure my businesses Facebook status updates reach more of our Facebook page fans? It’s a GREAT question, and I can tell you that if you really want to be successful in using […]

Content Igloo Magazine – Content Marketing from Down Under

Content Igloo Magazine

I’m really excited about what Wes Ward is doing in Melbourne Australia!  Especially after coming off the back of the second Content Marketing World conference in Columbus. While still a cradle industry, marketers everywhere seem to be interested in learning how to hone their skills as content marketers. That’s where good industry publications like CCO Magazine, and […]

Is Your Content Marketing Team Going Google?

Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 3.14.09 PM

I’ve been preaching it since early July of last year. The nay sayers who still believe that Google+ was created to go head to head with Facebook have missed the reality of Google’s plan for market domination. If you haven’t already noticed, Google is making a HUGE play for ownership of the web-based collaboration market. Companies […]