5 Quick Guesses for the Future of Google’s Business

We’re a little over 2 months into a world with Google+, and as expected, some of the buzz has died down. The early adopters have been testing and looking at analytics from what impact Google+ is having on our other web properties. Influencers have launched webinars to capitalize on the opportunity to help onboard new users. Like it or not, […]

D.J Collier on Godfather Social Media

Today, I’m super excited to welcome the musings of a guest to nateriggs.com. D.J Collier makes his home up in Delaware, Ohio.  He’s a musician, a poet and a fellow Dad who loves to listen to (and tell) stories. You can find him blogging regularly over at Ragamuffin’s Rants Without further ado, here’s DJ. Social Media, […]

On Social Media Experts

For the last five years, I’ve wanted to study the mandolin. Someday I will, too. I’m fascinated by hyper-fast pickin guys like Jeff Austin, Sam Bush and Simon Mayor. They are experts at the mandolin. You can hear it when they play. Expertise What if I picked up a Mandolin tomorrow? What if I promised you that I would practice deliberately for […]

On Choosing Entrepreneurship

My friend and mentor, Jim, once told me about the importance of establishing congruency it in your work-life balance. By identifying and then visualizing what’s most important in our lives, we can map out the route to our own happiness. Finding congruency means having your cake, and getting to eat it too. But for entrepreneurs, finding congruency is different. The entrepreneur badge […]

3 Cool Kids You Should Stalk This Week – Connectors

And we’re back! I know you already forgive me for playing hooky last week. As you probably already know, I had my hands full. This week we’re back at it with another edition of cool kids you should stalk, with a focus on completely cool people in the social media world who do nice things. […]