Live from Content Marketing World: Thank You, Joe

The inaugural Content Marketing World is finished. And what a hell of a finish it was. Matter of fact, it was an outstanding event experience all around, and Cleveland, Ohio should be proud to call it their own… Follow Joe Pullizzi. Read his stuff. Pay attention to Content Marketing Institute. Why? Joe is leading a revolution that’s […]

Live From Content Marketing World: Sally Hogshead on The Power of Story

You hear me talk about the new art and science of content marketing a lot on The truth of it is, Joe Pulizzi is the Godfather who not only created that term and the buzz behind it, but with it, an entire industry focused on teaching savvy old-school marketers the new rules of how […]

The Personal Brand: Daily Work List

In the next few weeks, you’ll see some more posts on all of this personal brand stuff. The stories, lists and how-to’s will be derived from my own experience with transitioning from a solo-preneur business to leading digital marketing at Bob Evans Farms. If you’re in this situation, I hope the posts help you… – nate One […]

On Family First


In celebration of yesterday’s announcement, and observance of the real idea of Family First, I’m going to practice. How, you ask? Kaden, Jacob and I (as well as Kaden’s Step-Dad) are heading to a family camping trip, deep into the woods where there will be good friends, good food, self-made music, roaring campfires and lots […]

Here’s My Next Move

I promised you yesterday that I would share some news today.  And, I always keep my promises, so here it is… What do you think?