How To Use Flanking Maneuvers on Facebook

According to the wise collective on Wikipedia, in the context of military strategy a flanking maneuver is defined as: Flanking maneuvers, also called a flank attack, is an attack on the sides of an opposing force. If a flanking maneuver succeeds, the opposing force would be surrounded from two or more directions, which significantly reduces the maneuverability of the outflanked force and its […]

My Case Against the Henge Dock for Macbook and Macbook Pro

Henge Dock

I bought a Henge Dock last week. What is a Henge Dock, you ask? This video will fill you in. It’s over 4 minutes so watch as much as you need to get the point, then read the rest of the post for a fair warning. Pretty cool, right?  I mean, why not buy two […]

Sleeping Bags with Sleeves and the Path of Least Resistance

Max Speel Sac

With the unfortunate death of Steve Jobs earlier this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about innovation. Steve was a great innovator. We really only see folks like him who share the vision, passion and charisma to build innovations that change entire industries once in a great while. Steve’s up there with Alexander Graham Bell, Henry […]

Nate Riggs is indeed still alive…


Hi there. Missed me?  I’ve missed you. But, everyone needs a break. For the past 30 days I’ve shifted my social focus from my online friends like you, to my new corporate friends at Bob Evans. It’s a company that’s full of down to earth folks who are talented, energetic and passionate about what we […]

3 Basic Mindsets of Video Content Programming

Remember this guy? BAM! You’ve probably watched Emeril Legasse Live a few times, or at least paused for a moment while surfing through the channels. Yelling the word “Bam!” while adding an ingredient that would always seem to take whatever dish he was concocting “up a notch”. Emeril uses his personality, knowledge and passionate delivery to excite his […]