My Top 8 Most Used Android Apps of 2011


I’ve been an Android user for about two years now and am a self-admitted iOS convert.  AT&T really killed my taste for Apple’s mobile devices back in the days where we didn’t have a choice as to the mobile network provider. That’s changed now, but I never went back to iOS. Take that for what […]

On Cheapening Your Brand

Price Cutting Brand

The more traditional school of marketing thought is that price cutting cheapens your brand. Maybe so. Yet, at Bob Evans, we’ve instituted a value menu for the first time in company history, driven by the needs of our restaurant guests.  That decision was not come to lightly either, but it’s working. This year, retailers everywhere […]

25 ‘Best Of’ Blog Posts on in 2011

IMG_3742 copy

As I get ready for next year on, I always look back at what posts preformed the highest with you and all of the folks that visit here and read my stuff. This year, I built the list by looking at three different metrics.  First (and always first in my opinion) I started by […]

Facebook Advertising & The Timeline Cover Photo – A Debate to Close Out 2012


I really wasn’t planning to write this particular post, but a few comments between myself, Jason Keith and Heather Whaling has sparked my curiosity on some of the other implications of Facebook’s new(er) Timeline Layout. Yesterday, we looked at what I thought was a pretty neat application of Timeline’s cover image, and how ABC’s hit series, […]

A Modern Approach to the Facebook Timeline

ModernFamily Facebook

I like this idea … a lot. Modern Timeline If you’re like Sarah and I, you love the Wednesday night antics of ABC’s hit series, Modern Family.  Maybe we like it because our family, in a sense, is anything but traditional. At any rate, it’s damn good comedy. When I saw that Modern Family had […]