How To Build Corporate Social Media Guidelines for Humans


First, I HATE the word “policy.”  It’s so negative. Policies are developed so that people know what they are not supposed to do and what the repercussions of doing things that are against the policy will be.  That’s cold and no fun.  Guidelines, on the other hand, are meant to help humans DO something.  They act as a framework […]

Value Innovation and Fall Leaves


Lois Kolada and her husband Paul are nice examples of creative and driven entrepreneurs who call Columbus home. Why?  The idea they are launching may help you get better at cleaning up your leaves each fall.  Cleaning up leaves is not what I would call a night on the town.  But that’s just me… Here’s […]

Dear Columbus, I’m Voting YES on Issue 4


I’m on the side of believing that libraries are a good thing for Columbus.  Are you with me? That’s why tomorrow at the polls, I’m voting YES on Issue 4. Need more explanation?  Here’s Patrick Losinski of the Columbus Metropolitan Library with what Issue 4 dollars will do for the organization. [Patrick Losinski on Issue 4 - Columbus Metropolitan […]

Stories and Amplifiers


We humans tend to have a voice in our heads. It’s that little thought stream that fires as we go about our day, often with opinions, inside jokes, questions and statements of beliefs. Sometimes that inner monologue is serious.  Sometimes it is laughable.  But, all the time, this stream of consciousness is firing.  It’s one of the little things that make […]

Five Ways to Improve Your Company’s Communication Skills


There have been a few guest posts on this week.  The reason for this is that I want to be able to give the iCME’s at Incept a chance to start conversations with you, while I write in a few other arenas on the web. Today, I get to introduce you to Bran Patrick […]