Your People and Your Company Culture

Exceptional People

Here’s something to consider… Can you say this about your business?  If you did, would you mean it?  Really? This mantra hangs on the door at Incept (client) up in Canton, OH.  I didn’t tell them to put it there, but I believe it. I believe it because I know that they believe it.  The […]

Symbols and Communities

Symbols and Communities

At Kaden’s school, all the kids have special Primrose backpacks. He loves taking it to school every day because all the other kids have it too.  Even for a four-year-old, feeling like you belong to a community is important.  His backpack shows all the other kids that he belongs.  He’s part of the community they […]

On Facebook Deals and the Death of Circular Ads

facebook deal social business strategies

It’s coming. I think, over time, circular advertisements as we know them today, will die. Why?  Printing costs money.  Paper costs money.  Hiring your favorite advertising agency costs money.  Lots of money. But all of these folks are offering you great deals and special promotions right now.  They’re doing it right now for no money invested […]

Would You Take a Short Reader Survey?


You may not know this, but I really appreciate that you read I blog mainly because I enjoy it.  I’m passionate about being able to talk with you and share ideas, and I hope that you can take away ideas and nuggets of content that help you not only in business, but in life. […]

If You Could Only Choose One

If You Could Only Choose One

Every now and then I use social networks to ask people questions that I find interesting. Here’s what today’s was: Here are YOUR responses less than one hour after posting this.  Be forewarned, this is a lengthy post, but I have some insights at the bottom that might interest you.  Keep scrolling, okay? From Twitter […]