How To Use the Answers Feature on LinkedIn to Connect with the Right Smart People

Okay friends.  Show of hands.  How many of you have the all coveted “Expert in…” badges on your LinkedIn profile?  I have a few.  You probably do as well.  It’s always nice to have the best answer and be seen as an expert in your arena.  We’re proud of our badges. If you’re not familiar […]

I’m Looking for a Hustler to be My Personal Intern at huber+co. & TweetMyTime

I need some help and I have a lot to teach any student or marketer who is willing to hustle. Right now, huber+co. interactive is in Renaissance.  TweetMyTime has legs.  It’s been validated by every race organizer and endurance racing professional we’ve talked to.  It’s been published across the web on blogs, on racing websites, […]

Social Media ROI with Christopher S. Penn, Co-Founder of PodCamp

Most people know Christopher S. Penn as one of the founders of the popular unconference, PodCamp.  He and Chris Brogan started a revolution by designing a conference where everyone was a could be a rock star. I had the chance to hear Christopher present his Social Media ROI 101 deck at the Inbound Marketing Summit. […]

Social Media Mixology: Using Tumblr to Bring More Functionality to Your Facebook Wall

Have you ever used a Tumblr blog?  Here’s mine.  It still needs some work. I’m always surprised at the number of people who’ve not even heard of the web service.  To date, WordPress is still my platform of choice for traditional content blogging, but Tumblr is growing on me as a super powerful publishing tool. […]

Build Brand Armies by Seeding Conversations

It’s almost the end of 2009, and you and I both know the social web is about conversations between humans. We’ve figured that part out.  Organizations, events, products and services – none of these things really have the ability to communicate.  They’re things that have messages.  But behind those things with messages, there are people. […]