Automated Messages Start Online Conversations

Yesterday, I turned 29. I spent this weekend surrounded by good friends and good times.  My buddy Matt Christian and I watch the Bucks dominate Penn State while we spun out ideas for start-up companies and drank Magic Hat #9.  You should keep an eye out for Matt.  He’s sharp, and has some big things […]

Matt Slaybaugh: A Performance on the Creative Process

I learned of Matt Slaybaugh back when I was working at Young Isaac.  He and one of my fellow Pi Sig fraternity brothers, Ian Short, helped Artie produce his Columbus performance of Thornton Wilder’s 1938 classic play, “Our Town” last year through Available Light Theater Company. I’ve since become a big fan of Matt’s work. […]

Writing an Effective Mass Invite Message to Add LinkedIn Connections

You might be wondering why I’m suddenly cranking out a ton of content on using LinkedIn as a tool for business.  There’s actually a few reasons, and I’ll share: You seem to dig this stuff.  I noticed a trend in my analytics that my posts related to LinkedIn seem to get more traffic and longer […]

Using Deliberate Practice to Master Social Networking for Business

Good social networkers have a natural tendency to understanding how the web works.  They are early adopters of technology and are comfortable to figuring out how to use it to their advantage. But that’s not a barrier to entry. Take away the early part, and you are left with the word adopter.  Over time, everyone […]

The Good, Bad & Ugly of Marketing Agency Life

It was 6AM on a chilly fall morning years ago, when I sat outside of the old Young Isaac office on 4th St, waiting for Artie Isaac to arrive. The evening before I had decided it was time to jump ship from my current gig doing business development in a retail marketing agency, and move […]