Human Business in a Small Town

I just spent the weekend in my hometown of Massillon, Ohio, population somewhere in the area of 50,000. On Saturday, the kids, grandparents, Sarah and I walked the mile to Lincoln Way and 8th St. to watch the annual Thanksgiving Day parade.  When I was in high school, I used to be in that parade […]

Making Your Own Social Business Strategy | Featuring Elaine Reese

I’ve started to build a professional relationship with Elaine Reese through Digital Relationship Context. I first met Elaine as @ReesesPeanut on Twitter.  She uses social media tools like a pro – Elaine is always conversational, practices good karma by being helpful and most importantly, takes her time to really invest her social capital by focusing […]

How Would You Handle Someone Slamming Your Business on the Social Web?

The social web is amazing because now anyone with an internet connection can become a publisher and have their voice be heard.  It takes hours of time and hard work to be successful, but the tools are readily available.  Heck, you can even use a good portion of the tools for free. But wide access […]

Announcing My Partnership with Mark Whitman & TeamBuilder Search

I have something I’d like to share with you today.  Mark Whitman, of Columbus-based TeamBuilder Search, and I are teaming up.  Here’s the scoop. I think it’s important to mention what led to this partnership.  It’s pretty simple.  I work hard on maintaining my networks and being helpful.  Sometimes, that’s meant helping business owners find […]

Both Sides of Choosing to Disconnect, Un-Follow or De-Friend your Competitors on Social Networks

There is an interesting debate that has come up a lot recently as I’m out talking to business folks and organizations on how they can effectively use social web tools in their business efforts. The client question always goes something like this: “Should I remove my competitors from my network on LinkedIn?” You can go […]