My Letter to AT&T’s Facebook Page Admin

I wrote this as a letter on AT&T’s Facebook page today, in response to today’s trending article on Mashable, and have given them the opportunity to respond.  You can see it here.  Who knows?  Maybe they’ll even comment on my blog.  At any rate, the ball is in your court, AT&T… Dear AT&T Facebook Page […]

Keith Lampe on Using LinkedIn to Market Background Screening Services

My friend, Keith Lampe, works for OPENOnline in Columbus Ohio.  He’s part of the team who is responsible for building relationships with potential customers. (Disclosure: OPENOnline was a client of Social Business Strategies at one time.) When I met Keith a little over a year ago, he hadn’t yet signed up for LinkedIn.  Since that […]

Social Media Mixology: How To Hack the System When Your Company Blocks Social Networking Sites

Companies are still trying to get their head around the social web.  That’s understandable.  The change is still pretty new. As humans, we sometimes fear change.  That’s normal.  But when humans fear change, they often try to shut the door and keep it out, avoiding it at all costs.  An example of this might be […]

Social Business Strategies – My Business Plans & Wish List for 2010

Most of you know I read Chris Brogan every day, I read everything he writes.  If you’re into learning about how business is once again becoming human, and the tools and technology that are making it happen, you should probably read Chris’s blog, as well. Creating a business wish list for 2010 is a great […]

Web Based Software Tools I Use to Manage My Business

So with that in mind, here’s the secret sauce.  These are some of the technology tools I’m using to manage the back-end tasks for Social Business Strategies: BatchBook (DeepBlue) – I use BatchBook as my CRM database tool for $19.95 per month.  This level comes with three user accounts, which allows me to set up […]