How To Win at Viral Marketing & Getting Visitors to Sign Up

This morning I noticed this tweet from Bryan Huber. I trust Bryan and often get good tips on new technology and applications that are coming down the pipe.  He’s got a good eye for this kind of thing. Notice the copy on the tweet: Backupify free until Jan. 31st That’s a winner for sure.  First, […]

Mark Whitman on How To Get a Job – Know Your Strengths & Purpose

Mark Whitman and I are back with some tips on how to get a job.  Today, we discuss how candidates can gain a competitive advantage by thinking through their strengths and purpose, and then using that thinking as a foundation of a job search strategy.  Mark also shares some resources that can help you prepare […]

My Take on Some Enhancements to Social Media Tools for Business

Do you read Mashable?  It’s great stuff, and widely read by us “social media” types.  Maybe you should read too? There were two posts from this week that I have strong opinions about.  I’ll share them if you don’t mind.  Cool? Twitter Starts Testing Features for Business – written by Ben Par Make your own […]

Are We Still Scared Stiff?

I’ve started to get to know Julie McManus, a business consultant I met while presenting to a group of entrepreneurs in Bellefontaine, Ohio.  About a week after the event, Julie sends me this short email: Nate, we met in Bellefontaine a few weeks ago. I am embarking on a project and thought about you. I am […]

Mark Whitman on How To Get a Job – Working with Recruiters

A few months ago, I announced my affiliate partnership with Mark Whitman and TeamBuilder Search.  You can read the details as to how and why we partnered up here.  Mark has been a great resource over the past year, helping me to work through my own career objectives.  And he’s been kind enough to share […]