Three Reasons to Start a Blog

Have you ever considered starting a blog? For me, it was curiosity and the need to learn how blogs impact communications on the web that first peaked my interest. Recently though, I’ve struggled with finding inspiration for my content on Chasing Change. With that in mind, I figured I would retrace my steps and really […]

What If?

My wife and I are bargain shoppers. Today, after a call from her father, we headed to Schottenstein’s Department Store on the Hilltop, armed with a tip that men’s suits we on clearance. After about thirty minutes, I found a great deal and a new suit, and so we headed to the check out. While […]

A Second Chance at Life: Part 2

This is a short update to the previous post.  I encourage you to watch this video on MSNBC entitled Life after Dog Fighting. I applaud MSNBC for being one of the first nationally syndicated media organizations to look at this issue from an objective perspective – both in their previous article and in this video […]

A Second Chance at Life

This morning, my wife kindly passed on an article posted on MSNBC regarding the dogs confiscated in the raid against former NFL quarterback, Michael Vic, and his underground dog fighting operation.  This is a must read, complete with a happy ending. The story made my day. It’s good to know that the actions taken by all […]

Ahh, Forget Sex

When I was young, my mother believed that my brother and I should experience other cultures. So, my senior year, our family applied for, and was accepted as a host family for international exchange students through Youth For Understanding (YFU). Juan Pablo Sanchez Santacoloma came to live with us for a year from Bogota, Columbia. […]