Seth Godin on Being Ordinary

I subscribe to Seth Godin’s blog. He always surprises me with the amount of truth he can capture in a just few short sentences. His most recent post, Ordinary is cheaper than you, is a wake up call for young professionals everywhere. Seth eloquently points out: …if all the best you can do is ‘good […]

An Interview Tip

A few years ago, while gunning for a position in a technology company, I tried a new tactic for approaching an interview. Long story short, qualifications among all the candidates were equal. I learned after I was awarded the job that my new tactic made me stand out from the pool. Here it is: Tip […]

Getting Experience After College

So many times I see college graduates who believe that it will be easy to find their dream job right out of the gate. The reality is quite the opposite so brace yourself graduates. Unless you’ve finished at the top of your class from schools like Yale or Harvard, your degree doesn’t mean much of […]

How’s Your Website?

Everyone has a website these days. For businesses, having a clear web presence is becoming more critical than ever. The good (and potentially bad) news? This trend it not going away anytime soon. That means, in order to survive, businesses will need to earmark marketing dollars in order to stay competitive on the web. I […]

It Was Somthing About a Girl Dressed in Fatigues

It’s Valentines Day and I have a very special someone. Here’s the beginning: I met this special girl during my junior year at Otterbein College while I was living in my fraternity house. It was winter quarter (January 19th to be exact) and we were rushing for new potential members. I had been at work […]