The New Generation of Presentations: SlideRocket

Presenting to potential clients is a huge part of my daily activities. The days of delivering the same agency design ad static presentation to everyone are long gone. Each situation, each client and each opportunity requires elements of customization – especially when you are selling ideas and services. So what are some of the challenges […]

Unplugging from Technology

I have an iPhone now. My laptop is usually within reach. Email. Text Messages. Safari. Oh my! How many of you are also victims of connectivity? The corporate world fosters an addiction to technology. I call it an addiction because for many of us (myself included), if technology and communication tools are accessible, the option […]

Put On Tilt

Do you play Poker? Over the last five years popularity of the game has spread throughout the American culture like a super virus. That may sound like a negative connotation, but there are good lessons to be learned when stacking your chips. It wasn’t until recently that I was able to figure out my poker […]

My Review of Jott Task List Software

That’s a phrase which I’ve been hearing frequently, thanks to the vision of four innovative Seattle-based internet entrepreneurs. is a very cool free web-service that provides its users all the benefits of having a personal assistant, without the financial burden of paying an annual salary. Since its inception in late 2006, the company has […]

Follow the Golden Rules

Here are two golden rules guaranteed to help you make a good first impression: After the person you are calling picks up the phone you should say hello, identify yourself and ask: “is this a convenient time to talk?” Rocket science? Not really. But you can bet it is a critical step in having your […]