Will There Be a Dot Com Bust 2.0?

The question of a potential dot com bust 2.0 has been on my mind for some time. Today you can’t throw a stone without hitting some type of new niche social network or start-up SaaS. An example would be Artie Isaac’s Speaker Site. This network recently launched and already has almost 700 members who have bought […]

Social Media Strategy: Business Development Prospecting

Over a cup of Starbucks with @heycrane this morning we landed on the subject of discussing different methods that sales and business development gurus can employ on various forms of social media to connect with more people and subsequently, more opportunities to someday sell their stuff. Sure, not everyone sells products or services, but just […]

Nailing the Revenue Model: Jott.com

Last week featured a web start-up that failed in figuring out how to make money by offering their service. That’s both sad and common. So to be positive this week, lets look at a company that seems to have nailed the money part of the start-up game. Months ago I wrote about Jott, a service […]

Some Start-up’s Die

It’s a shame that it had to end this way but all start-ups are not created equal. Wil Schroter, in his book, discusses the concept of building backwards and looking at how your business and technology will generate profit in the very early planning stages. I agree with that 100 percent – it costs money […]

Niche Networks Encourage Long Tail User Engagment

First – a sincere apology to all my readers for the silence in the past month. Some changes in my personal life, and really fortunate times for my company have kept me pretty busy and away from delivering new content to Chasing Change. I’ll be working harder to keep updates as regular as possible. Thanks […]